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Welcome to Positively Grown!

Have you ever wanted a farm of your own? More and more people are working towards a self sustainable life where they know exactly how and where their food was grown and raised... Unfortunately starting a farm of your own is easier said than done. Now is your chance to join the Positively Grown family where you will feel right at home with us on our farm. Come meet the cows that provide us with our amazing raw milk, kick your shoes off in the garden, let your kids run wild or pull up a chair next to us under our favorite shade tree. All the benefits of a farm of your own only we will do the hard work for you. We are happy that you are here (:

How do they work?

Herd share boarding contracts are private agreements between individuals who collectively own the animals in a dairy herd and the farmer hired to manage that herd. When you purchase shares in a dairy herd and sign a boarding contract to pay for the care and management of your portion of the herd, you are entitled to receive a corresponding amount of the herd's milk production. Buying into a herd share should not be done casually and requires an ongoing commitment to the herd, the farmer hired to manage the herd and the other shareholders.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Positively Grown is to take the mystery out of your food. Know exactly where your food was raised, what the animals were fed, and ensure that they lived a quality life with care and respect. Our small farm spans across 130 acres where our animals and wildlife are free to roam and graze. I truly believe that nature does not try, she just does! And us as humans must do only what is needed to supplement the perfection this earth has already provided for us. Grow with us as we move towards building a regenerative farm and one stop shop where you are Positive that your food was Grown and raised care <3

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